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Why Community is important!

Community gives courage: People who say just the right thing at just the right time give courage to pursue dreams, confront fears and live with less anxiety. A life free from fear is a life that can accomplish anything.

Community gives hope: In a painful, uncertain world the understanding and supportive nature of good, honest community can provide the hope necessary to press on and take chances – even in the midst of pain.

Community gives options: Life without community is lonely; it’s lacking in social events, intimate conversation and deep relationships. A strong network of people grants options for a night out, friend to call in a crisis and someone to share a funny story with.

Community gives constructive feedback: No one is perfect. The loving people in our lives know that better than anyone and can be a significant part of our individual growth and change. Listen carefully when people offer constructive feedback about your communication styles, decisions and relationships. They have your best interest at heart.

Community gives joy: The long and short of it is that community is fun.The shared memories, laughter and times spent with your closest circle of friends provide memories that truly last for a lifetime.



What do users say about FH Complete and the Community?


FH Complete fits perfectly into our system environment.
FH Complete passt perfekt in unsere Systemlandschaft.

Franz Kern

Head of IT/Network Service Center, FH St. Pölten


The independence from manufacturers is very important to us, so we work with FH Complete.
Die Unabhängigkeit vom Hersteller ist uns sehr wichtig, deshalb arbeiten wir mit FH Complete.

Christian Kollmitzer

Vice Rector, FH Technikum Wien


After seeing FH Complete in use, the decision was quickly made.
Nachdem wir FH Complete im Einsatz gesehen haben, war die Entscheidung schnell getroffen.

Heinz Laubreuter

Chancellor, Sigmund Freud Universität


By expanding our studies offer we needed a professional Campus Management. With FH Complete we have found it.
Durch die Erweiterung unseres Studienangebots benötigten wir ein professionelles Campus Management. Mit FH Complete haben wir es gefunden.

Martin Samek

Head of Quality Management, Lauder Business School


We wanted a reliable partner with an optimal price-performance range. FH Complete convinced us.
Wir wollten einen zuverlässigen Partner mit einem optimalen Preis-Leistungs-Angebot. FH Complete hat uns deshalb überzeugt.

Monika Höller

Administrative Director, KU Linz


With us, was in addition to numerous other aspects, especially the timeframe commissioning of FH Complete one distinctive.
Bei uns war, neben zahlreichen weiteren Aspekten, vor allem der zeitliche Rahmen der Inbetriebnahme von FH Complete eintscheidend.

Maximilian Kobler

Information Services, FH Burgenland


It was clear from the outset that only a community can ensure the sustainability of this software.
Mir war von Beginn an klar, dass nur eine Community die Nachhaltigkeit dieser Software sichern kann.

Christian Paminger

Head of Infrastructure, FH Technikum Wien



FH Complete Overview

A short overview to the basic modules and features.

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All handbooks for users and admins are placed on our DokuWiki-Server.

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